Life&Personal: Two Weeks

So really my two week post-op mark was yesterday, but yesterday was errand day and a lot of stuff was planned semi last minute ish. 

I had a bunch of friends over and got distracted reading Panic cause it’s amazing so far, ok? Geez. Straying away from personal posts a bit this week, I’ll probably make an update on Ni No Kuni since I did beat it in that first recovery week and also Panic, since I’m probably going to finish that today. Today’s will just be a kinda visual update for those interested.

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Personal&Life: After Surgery

Today I got my stitches out! Woo!

I feel so much better both mentally and physically.

Keep reading for the inside scoop on surgery recovery, including some detailed descriptions and a few innocent photos of a very tired me. You’ve been warned!

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Life: Freak Out

There’s many levels of life currently that I understand, but at the same time I am astonished.

I’ve gone from a night owl with productive hours always pretty much between 12am-3am to getting so much done between 9:30am-11am. Part of that I know is due to my work schedule being from 12:30pm-9:30pm, but that never stopped my late nights. I’m celebrating my year at this job in a month, so it’s a bit crazy to realize a major aspect of my sleep and productivity schedule has altered in that way.

I’ve been working out and dieting for a few weeks now. While as I’ve mentioned before, my current diet is a bit intense due to an upcoming surgery (holy shit in 5 days), I intend to continue trying my best to eat healthy after my procedure as well. I still haven’t hit the 6 week mark for fitness that they say you should (to make it a habit and all), but I have improved from being tired after 1 mile to easily interval pacing out 3+ miles with 3 minutes running and one walking. It feels pretty good. The Zombies Run app helps with that a lot. Thanks to my friend, Ryan, I knew the app existed. The Motorola rep came into work recently and gave us all $5 giftcards for the app store and that was my first purchase. Downloaded Winamp and made a gym playlist for that too. Best idea ever. Sometimes the music I put on my playlist is hilarious with the story too xD

Great app to help with jogging/running

Zombies Run! 



I still very often struggle with having other people in the gym with me because I feel weak as hell when it comes to weights. I can only really lift the bar for my squats and stuff. That thing is only 45lbs. I feel like I should be able to lift more than that, but meh. My strength training isn’t my real focus right now outside of chest exercises. Pull ups are still my worst enemy. I’m lucky to get two done with a weight assist. No upper body strength even when I can do push-ups and the inverse kind of pull ups all day. Very frustrating.

Outside of fitness stuff, life is pretty decent although weird. Vacation in the Poconos with my lovely fiancee this past weekend was awesome. I cheated a bit with the diet cause oh man their signature beverage was so delicious XD I bought a garnet poison ring for her at a HUGE flea market up there, which was pretty damn cool. She got me the Miyazaki j-rpg Ni No Kuni which I will be playing throughout my recovery week off. Pretty pumped. I’ll probably post something about that sometime as well.

Wrath of the White Witch

I had a great vacation, but then when we got back the check for my surgery still hadn’t come and we were flipping out. I was supposed to have it 4 weeks in advance BUT my Dr’s chill since they know that I have it, I’m just waiting on mail (however, there’s a limit to how chill they are about not receiving payment when I’ve only got 5 days til the procedure). I thought voiding and getting it reissued would be impossible since the government shutdown, but I made that shit work. Got in touch with the VP of Finance after I went through two departments that refused to answer and/or help. Don’t mess with me when stuff like this comes up. People’s lives aren’t a game and that shit would not have been cool.

Whatever though, crisis adverted, and things are fine. Even better. Apparently my Dad was talking with my Uncle about surgery, and my uncle has decided to buy me an elite Nike Lions jersey! Super pumped since I’ve wanted one for a while and that came out of nowhere it seems. Things went from drastically stressed and terrified, to really ok and pretty awesome.

I hope that stuff continues on this path. Adjusting perception of problems to obstacles, and things become easier.

P.S. Depending on my level of comfort, I’ve been thinking of posting before and after pics of both fitness and surgery. It’s debatable on whether I will, but feel free to give me input on that matter.

Anime&Manga: A Guy That Loves Yuri

To set the tone of this post, when I say yuri, I am not talking about your hentai yuri: tentacle, futnari, demon gangbangs, or otherwise. I will admit I’ve seen a lot (read: all) of those actually, but that’s not what I’m talking about in this instance.

My personal favorites as far as yuri goes are Strawberry PanicMaria-sama ga Miteru, and just recently loved Aoi Hana (Sweet Blue Flowers). My bias towards the later of those will probably show as it’s been a few years since I’ve read or watched the other two. I might also stretch to say  C3-Bu might even have been a yuri (but a bit more subtle than the former titles).

One could easily say I have an affinity towards the Class S genre.


C3-Bu: A cute anime about airsoft ladies.

Strawberry Panic!

Strawberry Panic was my first yuri actually.

Maria-sama ga Miteru


Aoi Hana

Aoi Hana: A cute yuri (Read the manga though)


Shocker Alert: As weird as it may seem after that admittance, I have never seen nor read Revolutionary Girl Utena. It’s not that I don’t want to, but sometimes I stray away from things that are or have become popular. It’s just a quirk.

Yuri is actually a pretty interesting subject. Educate yourself! Watch and read these wonderful series.

You will thank me later.