Who Am I?

This has got to be the worst question to ask someone, I think. I’m vaguely uncertain as to why it was the first thing to come to mind when I decided on my “About” page.

Some basics then:

  • My name is Dylan. It’s pronounced Dill-on, not Die-lahn. I still don’t understand why people insist on saying it that way (including my doctor, oddly enough, but that’s a story for another time)
  • I’m a list person. I’m trying to keep a blog to move away from writing almost strictly in lists.
  • I’m blogging from Philadelphia, PA as of 2013.
  • I’m very logical and realistic. Often times that makes people think I’m cold, distant, apathetic, etc. Though that last part is actually vaguely true, at heart I’m very passionate; however, you could say that I’m selectively passionate.
  • I have many identities, but I think they make me who I am as a whole, and I refuse to be defined by any one of them by itself. It’s why, though I may reference it or talk about it, my transition isn’t actually a big part of my life outside of for the obvious reasons. I don’t define my life by my trans* identity.
  • I had a fine childhood. Please never give me that drivel about how it “caused” my lifestyle or some other nonsense. While my teen years weren’t the best, and my family was no means a nuclear family, I wasn’t exactly a poster child either.
  • I’m keeping this blog for myself. I’m not writing to be internet famous or anything like that. I’ve just kinda always wanted to have a regular personal blog. If people can benefit from my experiences, and engage me in intelligent conversation, all the better.
  • Feel free to also find me on Facebook (if you can/we talk and I tell you it) or on my public Tumblr where I post a bunch of silly stuff!
  • Also, here is a picture of me and my lovely fiancee for your viewing pleasure:

Baltimore, MD 2013


2 thoughts on “Who Am I?

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