Personal&Life: Holidays + 2 Month Update

I have a love/hate relationship with the holidays. The ridiculous amounts of stress I experience in winter for sometimes what seems like no reason is overwhelming. I tend to shirk all kinds of responsibilities outside of buying presents during this time of year. I freakin love buying people presents. In the better side of the holidays, my boss worked out so I get Christmas Eve and Day off so I can travel to NC to spend another Christmas with Amber. I’m really pumped about that.

While shirking responsibilities like this blog, the gym, paperwork, continuing the fight with insurance, etc etc. I play too much League of Legends. Though I don’t think it’s all bad since it’s often with friends. Social team building skills? =D Often it’s the thing in my mind I’d RATHER be doing. It’s just easier to escape into games than pay attention to what stresses me out.

The two month mark of my surgery has come and gone (two days ago), and I have pictures to show the progress. I just now need to get back on the gym and fitness train cause I’m not happy with how out of shape I still am. Especially considering I haven’t done pretty much anything in those two months. I’m actually gonna use this snowy day off to get some things accomplished though.

Hopefully the headache I have to start the day goes away soon though. Ugh.

WP_20131202_18_54_11_Pro WP_20131207_12_01_04_Pro┬áMy new company phone is a Nokia 1020. Somehow I still don’t think it’s 41mp camera makes me look any better XD I love that teal sweater Amber got for me though, and I love layering stuff =3


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