Life&Personal: One Month!

I can’t believe it’s been a month since surgery already. I also can’t believe all the little things that have been going on that have made me semi-unaware of time passing so quickly.

One of the major things that uses a lot of my time quickly and without me realizing it is League of Legends. I finally got the game to work again over the internet connection, assuming Amber is nice and will refrain from Netflix and the like while I play it. If you’re familiar with the game, I’ve picked up Sona as a support after avoiding her for years due to hating her play style. I didn’t realize how drastically it had changed, and now I find it to be a lot of fun. I’ve managed to get back into Silver rank, but don’t know that I can make it back to Gold after all my elo decay over the months I wasn’t playing combined with the deadline of November 11th as season cut off date.

I’ve also been reading. As I’ve mentioned before, I’d like to do reviews, but I’m terrible at following up on that. It’s easier for me to verbally tell someone about something than to blog about it. I’ll either get around to my reviews or I won’t. I’ll try to stop making it seem like a chore and maybe it will be easier for me to do.

On that note, it’s also important to mention that I have Seasonal Affective Disorder. I have a fairly mild ish case of it, but it does greatly affect my ability to get anything done in this season. I’ve been looking into some options for helping myself this year instead of just “making it” until Spring. Winter is my favorite season because I love the cold, and I shouldn’t put up with being so miserable during it. I’m not one to attempt to use it as an excuse, but it is often a reason for certain things I do and say that seem…off.

As far as recovery from surgery since that’s the whole title of this post and all, it’s going well. Unfortunately, I am dealing with necrosis (tissue death) of my left nipple, but it didn’t fall off or anything. It’s just scabbing and not quite healing the way the other side is. What will happen is that it will probably just be a lighter scar when the skin grows over versus having that thin layer of soft tissue. I’m also dealing with the area that I split just slightly on my left side, but it’s almost completely closed. A few things that are putting me slightly behind, but overall a decent recovery. I’ve got a good two weeks or so til I can get a massage and swim though, and I can’t wait for either.

I was gonna post some pics but I’m lazy, had a long (13 hour) day with the holiday reset, and I’m just ready to fall out. Have one (it’s blurry, I’m tired, and I’ve had a long day. Deal with crappy pic):

Post Operation recovery

One month post-op

Hell work at work, so this is a bit clipped. Hopefully you all still enjoy and get a little insight to life and all that. As usual, any questions or anything, just let me know here or there. You all know how to reach me one way or another.



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