Life&Personal: Two Weeks

So really my two week post-op mark was yesterday, but yesterday was errand day and a lot of stuff was planned semi last minute ish. 

I had a bunch of friends over and got distracted reading Panic cause it’s amazing so far, ok? Geez. Straying away from personal posts a bit this week, I’ll probably make an update on Ni No Kuni since I did beat it in that first recovery week and also Panic, since I’m probably going to finish that today. Today’s will just be a kinda visual update for those interested.

I’ll post 3 pictures that I feel are pretty different from each other (though I have similar ones to each over a span of days for my personal records of sorts – to show progress and to make sure healing isn’t being wonky or something). 

The first picture is a picture when I got back from a follow up visit with my doctor in which he told me that I could finally take a normal shower again. I was so excited, as weird as that may sound to someone that may have never experienced not showering normally for a long period of time and always being wrapped in bandages and antibiotics. On a more personal note, I was also almost frightened to do so. As I mentioned before, I do still have nerve sensation for the most part, so I was really worried that the water beating on open wounds wouldn’t feel very good (I did ask my Dr. about direct stream and he said that it was fine). I kind of had to psych myself into standing directly in it though. It was very strange to struggle with that.

The second picture is actually the next day, but is very similar to that prior day. The angry red appearance of the incisions and scarring lessens quite a bit after a shower and a good dose of antibacterial soap. Some of the scabbing is starting to peel with my bandages and progress is pretty evident.

The third picture is just me goofing off last night since I’d just spent a bunch of time with my friends over and was tired. I remembered how I wanted to post, but just didn’t get to it because of that. Figured I’d snap a cheesy picture (actually using the selfie camera too since it didn’t need to be almost full body like I was doing with the others [hence why I’m typically looking into the mirror and not at the camera]). The lighting actually makes it pretty easy to see how I’m coming along as well. My left side is definitely much slower, especially with a part of that incision kind of pulling open a bit, but it’s coming along. That open part will probably scar a good deal worse, but that’s why I have the scar fading silicone gel. Also, it’s pretty much under my armpit. I’ll live.

Overall, I’m still really happy with my healing. Keeping an eye out on my left side and it’s slowness, but not too worried. Aside from visual appearance, I’ve regained most functions outside of reaching really high for stuff. An interesting note that I’ve made is that while standing/sitting/etc I feel normal, but when kneeling (such as in the case where I had to go under my desk to fix my usb jack) it pulls in a really weird way. I wouldn’t call it painful, but it’s uncomfortable. Just makes me remember that it’s only been two weeks and I still have to take it easy.

If you have any questions or anything like that, don’t hesitate to comment and ask or anything =D

First day I can shower again!

10th day post-op

The angry red coloring fades.

Shower helps lessen redness.

Left side still rough

Being cheesy. Don’t judge.


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