Life&Personal: Stark Reality

The moment you set a goal for yourself to lose 20 pounds before probably the biggest surgery of your life, life throws you a curve ball (as usual), and suddenly you actually only have 20 days.

Good Luck!

It may sound like one of those awful, low chance occurrences for some, but it’s exactly what happened to me. I set out to go from 190 pounds to the 170 pounds my doctor recommended, thinking I had until the November 4th date. Lo and behold, my coworker decided to transfer out to a different location and short the store pretty much. That happens on October 20th, and when my boss finds out about it happening he immediately finds me to tell me there’s no way he’s going to be able to work out November 4th like we’d tried so hard to do just a few days ago.

Well shit.

On the phone with the doctor in my manager’s office freaking out about what to do after we worked out the dates I could actually take off now. (Sidenote: My boss is very supportive of me, and the fact that he thought of me and wouldn’t stop apologizing for the original date being flubbed up really meant a lot to me) Suddenly I need to move the date to one of the first two weeks of October. That’s a full month earlier!

I went from wanting to lose 20 pounds in two months, to getting a call that it was moved to October 7th, aka roughly three weeks from now. Mind you, I know it wouldn’t be healthy to lose that much weight that fast, but I am trying to lose what I can. I’m on a strict diet of nutrient rich shakes for breakfast and dinner, <1200 calories for lunch, vitamins, protein, and supplements to make sure it’s healthy. Of course, a lot of exercising to go along with that. 30 minutes of interval running and weight lifting typically.

If you’re one of those people that reads that type of diet regime as crazy, you’re pretty accurate. I wouldn’t typically do this. It was originally my goal to just do standard less calories consumed than burned type of regime. This is drastic to help lose what I can before a major surgery so that my recovery can be improved. With that in mind, I’ve done my research and would never do anything that would actually HINDER my recovery. That would be exactly opposite of what I want.

I actually feel a lot more energetic (though I will admit much more hungry right before I get my lunch break at work typically, but that’s mostly due to eating breakfast at 9-10am and having to wait til 3-4pm to eat lunch) I’ve increased my stamina, I can balance my heart rate better, and I can run more than 2 miles pretty easily now.

I’m getting there. The key is going to be not letting this motivation slip once my October 7th date is past. Gotta keep up the healthy eating and exercise when I’m capable of doing so again.

The next step after this is figuring out my aftercare. Luckily, a person I follow on Tumblr and now WordPress (Micah) has lots of info on that kinda stuff. Woo!


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