Life&Personal: Insurance Wars

Dealing with the endless streams of red tape that are involved with fighting an insurance company is probably one of the most stressful experiences ever. Having someone with 30 years of experience helping people fight those companies tell you that they still don’t really get it makes it that much worse. As she said, “It’s no wonder that the insurance and oil companies are the richest.” No shit.

You think you’ve won when you push an appeal through and manage to make one of these big companies apologize to you for the trouble that they caused. Though that wasn’t the case, I will note that it is a great thing to have a physical copy of an apology for bullshit. That’s kind of nice. I wish life would come with more of those, cause god knows there are tons of people that owe someone or a lot of people one (or five…thousand.)

So we have an apology. That means I can afford my medical bills now, right?

Absolutely not.

If only it were that easy.

When you get through one hurdle, trust that there’s always one right behind it waiting for your unsuspecting ass to trip and fall on your face over it.

In my case, it’s a mixture of my doctor and the “process” by which insurance is applied. In my mind, I think that it makes sense to go through insurance to reduce up front costs. Aka I don’t have $6,000 handy to just dole out willy nilly. If I had it, why would I bother to fight my insurance to help me for months? I just don’t understand how doctor’s can think it’s so easy for someone to dish that money out (or alternatively get a huge ass personal loan) and then just WAIT to be reimbursed (which obviously happens at their leisure).

Just another thing that pisses me off about the system.

Fuck. That. Shit.

*Drops mic and backs away*

(*Picks mic back up and mumbles something about writing a legitimate and possibly interesting post about Yuri, but this is my rant due to today’s events. Places mic gently back down*)


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