Music: Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

Welcome to the internet where the wonder of multiple opinions sometimes becomes a clusterfuck of biased arguments led by the opinion authorities!


I’m a person with a lot of different identities or labels that could pertain to me. For example, I’m very queer (in more than the sexuality sense too). I believe in fluid sexuality (obviously I don’t expect that to be everyone’s situation). I bounce between mindsets, sometimes joking, but oftentimes it’s just a natural thing for me. Occasionally it seems like I’m perpetuating a stereotype, but by all means, it’s never an intentional thing.

Let me cut to the chase. For the love of all things holy, if I must ask one thing, please don’t assume you know anything about me if you don’t. I’m a very complicated individual. Though DO feel free to get to know me.


Moving on…

Why is it that a guy engaged to be wed to a woman often has that same woman send him this image?


Probably because A) she thinks she’s funny (she actually is, but that’s besides the point) and B) because a lot of things about me are pretty damn gay. This post is gonna focus on one of my music tastes – modern gay pop. (*Modern being I’d say 1995 – present. This is for me, not to say I don’t know some of the older stuff like WHAM and whatnot, but I’m not writing a book :P)

If not obvious by the above disclaimer, I mean this in strictly a personal way, and it’s not to say that all gay and/or queer people are defined by any one music genre/artist/era/etc. Duh.

Look at the lead singer of Judas Priest, he’s gayer than a rainbow crayon. I can also think of a great guitarist back when I went to college that played bluegrass. That is not the gay type of music I’m talking about though. I’m talking about your men dancing in just undies on the bar, late night drag show, Queer as Folk may have featured it in at least one episode kind of music. This is the stuff that reminds me of late nights in Godfrey’s in Richmond, VA back when I went to VCU, or that I just think of myself having my gay moments when I listen/watch (note: my love of men in heels like Kazaky)

Some of my favorites, also known as:

Picking Just One Song Was Hard


Is It Really Gay For A Guy To Like So Many Women?

Kazaky (In a list of a lot of women, pretty Ukrainian men in heels top my list. Also check out this video.)

Beyonce (-insert entire discography here-)

Rihanna (I’ve seen many men dance to a lot of the what feels like thousands of Rihanna singles, but this was my recent favorite)

Kylie Minogue (this one is a fan made video paired with the boys in heels of Kazaky. Great combo)

Britney (a legit Godfrey’s anthem back when I went)

Lady Gaga (I won’t lie. I love that Gaga is back and I eagerly await hearing the rest of Artpop. That and rocking her natural hair color? Yes, please.)

Madonna (fun fact this song was written by another great lady: Bjork)

Cher (Alright I said modern, but my favorite Cher is from the 1970s. Here’s her awesome new song/video. Power to the ladies)

Daniel Bedingfield (Didn’t think there would be any more guys? This song makes me think of the way Nathan would listen on repeat. Hilarious)


Gentleman seal says you’re a homosexual

I could keep it up, but I think that gives a general idea of the fact that I love the “gay anthems” that are often led by women. I’m not really sure why that happens, but it’s alright. Ladies are my favorite singers anyway. I plan on doing another post somewhere down the line about some of my other favorite female vocalists across lots of different genres. Should be a good time.

Until then, feel free to drop me a line on some of your favorites!


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